Joe (nannerfish) wrote in sweet_nuthin,

I'm new

Ok well I've been looking for Velvet Underground communities here on livejournal for awhile now and finally I've found one, but it looks defunct. So to get this community back in action I'll introduce myself. My name's Joe, I love The Velvet Underground and have all their studio albums including the rarities. My favorite lineup was the Reed/Yule/Morrison/Tucker lineup and I am probably the only fan that hates Nico. I really liked Cale's work on V&N and WL/WH and wished he had stuck around longer. My favorite VU album is Loaded and I own Lou Reed's NYC Man compilation, Set the Twilight Reeling, and Rock & Roll Animal.

Some other bands I like are The Smashing Pumpkins, Pink Floyd, The Cure, Franz Ferdinand, and Joy Division.

Now I'd really like to see this community get back on its feet.
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